These degen apes have crossed the bridge, amassed stupid amounts of wealth, and now live a life of leisure. Each rare AVAX Bridge Ape NFT is algorithmically generated from unique hand drawn features. ABA was created to celebrate the glorious bridge to the Avalanche Network. There will be 9,999 Bridge Apes available to mint.
By holding an AVAX Bridge Ape, you will automatically become eligible to enter the OFFICIAL AVAX BRIDGE APE CASINO (Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, Ape?).
You can’t win if you don’t ape.
Each AVAX Bridge Ape you hold is your ticket to the OFFICIAL AVAX BRIDGE APE CASINO.
Winning apes will be chosen at random to win our regularly-scheduled giveaways and rewards.
By holding an AVAX BRIDGE APE, you are automatically eligible for reward giveaways (the more you hold, the better your chances are of winning).
UPDATED: The marketplace is now live!
On October 20th at 4:20pm PT, we will announce the winners of our FIRST OFFICIAL AVAX BRIDGE APE CASINO REWARD.
Casino rewards include rare apes that will ONLY be available via CASINO JACKPOT REWARDS after October 27th!
How many AVAX Bridge Apes exist?
There will be 9,999 Bridge Apes available to mint.
Where will the mint take place?
The mint will be held at
How much does it cost to mint?
Public mint will be 2 AVAX.
What can I do with my AVAX Bridge Apes?
You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license. Ownership of a Bridge Ape is also your membership to the OFFICIAL AVAX BRIDGE APE CASINO.
STEP 1: Connect to Avalanche Network using Metamask.
Click here to connect to Avalanche Network.
STEP 2: Use the Avalanche Bridge.
Go to, connect your wallet, and enter an amount. Bridging $75 or more will earn a small airdrop to cover fees. Choose your ETH or WETH token, and click transfer. If you are bridging with ETH, you will have to confirm conversion to WETH first, then confirm transfer over the bridge.
STEP 3: Swap WETH.e to AVAX Token
After bridging, your WETH has been converted to WETH.e. Click here to see the WETH.e in your wallet. Go to or Pangolin, connect your wallet, and exchange WETH.e for AVAX.